From Properties to Pipeline: How You Can Sell Smarter With Atlas

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Expand Your Customer Base—and Your Competitive Edge

In today’s hyper competitive market, commercial services sales teams must find new growth opportunities to stay ahead—spreadsheets and feet on the street won’t cut it. Winning sales teams use Atlas, the industry’s first application that takes a property-based approach to uncover new leads, grow existing accounts, and quickly turn buildings into bookings.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from Convex CEO Charlie Warren and learn how teams are transforming their outbound-selling strategies, using Atlas to:

  • Prospect efficiently based on property data and insights
  • Build targeted campaigns to sell into higher margin, strategic segments
  • Map your customer base across siloed data sources for cross-sell & upsell
  • Effectively manage sales activity across the early stage pipeline

Join us to see how Atlas can arm sales reps and managers with the tools and insights needed to outperform the competition.


Charlie Warren - CEO

Charlie Warren, CEO and Co-Founder, Convex

Charlie has over 10 years of experience in energy analytics, building data, and enterprise software development. Holding degrees from MIT and Harvard, he has been featured by Forbes, Marketplace, and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Brandon O'Sullivan, VP of Sales

Brandon O’Sullivan, VP of Sales, Convex

Brandon is a strong sales leader with a proven track record of building and leading operationally efficient and consistently high performing sales organizations. He’s previously led sales teams across software companies that include DroneDeploy and GitHub with an emphasis on delivering revenue growth.


Whitney Satin, Head of Marketing

Whitney Satin, Head of Marketing, Convex

Whitney has more than 10 years of B2B marketing experience with expertise helping companies manage their digital transformation in the era of advanced analytics and machine learning. She’s driven marketing previously at GE and AppDynamics and holds degrees from Harvard and Columbia.

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